Deschutes Pioneers’ Association Queen

Deschutes Pioneers Association crowns 2019 queen


Deschutes Pioneers Association 2019 Queen Ann Louise Moore Reynolds

The Deschutes Pioneers Association crowned Ann Louise Moore Reynolds the 2019 Queen at its January dinner.


I(Ann Louise Moore Reynolds) was born December 4,1935 in Hays, Kansas to Randall Moore. We moved to Madison, Kansas at age 4 where her dad worked in the oil fields. I attended a small country school until mid 2nd grade. It was some miles from town.

After the war ended, her parents picked Bend,Oregon on the. Map as the place they wanted to move——-sight unseen! Dad just knew it was near a river, lakes and mountains where he could fish and hunt.

After a long trip pulling a small trailer at 35 MPH due to speed restrictions still on after WW2 in 1945 , we arrived in Bend the first week in October. The sun was setting and the now golden poplar trees lined the road east of Bend and the Cascade Mountains to the West were a beautiful sight to weary family of now, 4. I had two brothers, about 1 and 3.

My parents found the 80 acre Porterfield farm at the corner of Butler Market Road and what is now Eagle Road. The two bedroom house had a small living room and kitchen. The kitchen had a pitcher pump, a wood stove for cooking and a heating stove. An “outhouse” and a barn , an old work horse and a raspberry patch.

Of course, I needed to be in school, so I was enrolled in the 5” grade at Young School. A two room school with outhouses, on east Butler Market Road. Marguerite Boyd was my teacher and later Achsah Stearns. Velma Buckingham was the Superintendent at that time. I was a bit of an oddity with my Texas drawl and had only one dress to wear for six weeks until the train arrived with the rest of our belongings. I enjoyed my time at Young School. . After I become countrified,I made some lifelong friend. I was Valdictorian of our 8th grade class of “9”.

Growing up I was very active in 4H, the Methodist Church youth Group and The Oregon Christian Youth Council. I sang in the Acapella Choir. Upon graduating from Bend High School I worked for McKay and Panner, Attorneys. I married my husband Paul Reynolds at the Methodist Church the 28th of December and we have been married for 65 years . We have three sons.